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Save South Africa is a campaign that demands principled and ethical leadership. Founded by chairperson of the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC), Sipho Pityana, the movement aims to bring an end to Jacob Zuma’s reign of corruption and unaccountability. Save South Africa states that the key ingredients of the democracy that the Constitution promises – openness, accountability, responsiveness, equality and social justice – are routinely ignored.


The President was found by the Constitutional Court to have acted in violation of his constitutional responsibilities in dealing with the Public Protector’s report on upgrades to his private residence – and thereby to have flouted his oath of office. Furthermore, the State of Capture report has clearly exposed the extent of corrupt collusion between government and private interests, and the fact that the President has condoned and even facilitated state capture. He cannot be allowed to continue to violate the Constitution and disrespect his oath of office.

Our call to action
There is no doubt that we need to inject new energy and urgency into our body politic.
As South Africans, citizens and residents, women and men as equals, we should come together to reclaim our freedom – black and white, of any faith and no faith, rich and poor, urban and rural, young and old, unemployed and employed, all sexual orientations.

We must recommit ourselves to realize the vision of our Constitution: “To heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights.”

We therefore call for:

  • President Zuma to step down from office.
  • The election of a new President who respects the Constitution and upholds its values.
  • An end to the abuse of executive power.
  • A national dialogue on the restoration of democratic values and beliefs.
  • A renewed climate of civic engagement.

We must SAVE SOUTH AFRICA for the sake of future generations.

Show your support:

  • Wear #SaveSouthAfrica doeks, bandanas and armbands.
  • Organise silent protests wherever the President speaks.
  • Use the #SaveSouthAfrica hashtag on social media.
  • Sign the People’s Motion of No Confidence published on our website:
  • Mobilise your friends, colleagues and family to support the Motion of No
  • Confidence – discuss it in your workplace, your place of worship, your community and your home.

For more information check out the their website or
contact us at Follow them on Twitter at @_SaveSA or on Facebook at Save South Africa Now.

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